Our Loudspeakers

Simplicity is a key...

Seeing "Full-range", thinking - previous century. Especially the years, before multi way Loudspeakers started to being more popular.


Referring to the above, we design our cabinets in simple, classic shape. They are big and quite heavy, but there is lots of reasons to be like that. Room for 10" Driver, stability, but also minimizing the capability of resonances, and diffractions. Those potential issues been carefully analysed together with cost calculations.


Today we have modern, real Full-range Drivers and we create our Enclosures as a tribute to old fashioned Loudspeakers. But the fact is - those amazing drivers and our outstanding Cabinets together, are sounding way better!






High efficiency



Low Power Demand







We've been searching for the Driver with the optimal relation between best sound quality and price.

As the result, we've choose David Dicks's Audio Nirvana 10" Classic Ferrite Drivers (CommonSense Audio). This true Full-range unit apart from promising characteristics gives very high quality sound. In our application it's turn into absolute "must hear".

Yes - fitted in our carefully tuned cabinets become the Loudspeaker that simply cannot be ignored...

Alternatively we can supply our Loudspeakers with Audio Nirvana 10" Super Ferrite Drivers, or even AlNiCo Magnet version of both - Classic & Super versions. Please contact us if you interested in any of those options.

Cabinet type.

Theoretically the most optimal Enclosures for Full-range driver are Back-loaded Horn Cabinets. Theoretically.

However in practise they are more expensive, and much more demanding of very precise calculations. That type of Enclosures also needs an extra effort in build, as even small mistake will give unexpected results. That's why so many DIY'ers ending up with compromise, or giving up building their dream Loudspeakers.

Those calculations aren't problematic for us, but the problem is something else - those cabinets in our opinion are way too far from aesthetic look, often much more important from what they possibly may offer. Adding to that increased cost to make Back-loaded Horn Cabinets doesn't reflect the obtained result.

That's why we decide to put the effort in carefully design and tuned Bass Reflex Cabinets, making sure for their best cooperation with selected Drivers, at reasonable price.

Like an Instrument.

The Cabinets is also a part of overall sound of the Loudspeakers, and that fact cannot be ignored.

That's why we spend hours to make them right tuned, using materials that hasn't appear there accidentally, and aren't used elsewhere.

Carefully chosen methods of assembly, cabinet material itself, acoustic wadding or even position of bracing comes in place after testing, testing, yet again testing. And after even more testing.

That is why our loudspeakers are sound really impressive and gives immediate feeling the accompanying of much more expensive device.

No Crossovers.

And that is why it is very difficult to find the same coherent sound elsewhere. Period. There is no frequency splitting, and any negative effects of that way of sound processing. And it is the sound processing - it is forced by Drivers ability to play only the part of what we hearing.

And yes - there still one Inductor and one Resistor present in our Speakers. It is for Baffle Step Compensation (BSC) and it is not compromise - it is a way to avoid some behaviour of Full-range Drivers without having to put them in very large Back-loaded Horn Enclosures. BSC gives ability to use those units in more convenient, Ported Cabinets. But don't worry - you won't find any cheap Ferrite Cored Coils or Ceramic Resistors there. For BSC we are only using Jantzen Air Core Inductors and Mills Wirewound Resistors inside. And not even one single Capacitor used there.

That's why whatever our Loudspeakers receives, they will play. No beautifying and colouring, no favouring for nicely recorded songs or masking the bad ones. The sound comes as it is. And that is beautiful itself isn't it?

Internal cabling.

You don't have to state that Loudspeaker Cable is a part of the whole System sound - but we do.

That is why we are using Belden© 9497 Cable inside, and we are love it there! We know that it is a very neutral Wire, and that is why it fits perfectly here in our Speakers. A great substitute for any other (including much more expensive) wiring we tested before our final decision was made.

We are not retailers of this Cable, but still very recommending it for your connection between Amplifier and the Loudspeakers.


Nice, decent, solid, universal and very comfortable to use - this is the way they has to be. Even if you connect your Cables once, you deserve for all above. Discreetly, but clearly marked for polarity. With our Binding Posts you can use either 4mm Banana Jack, Spade connection, or bare Wire up to 4mm (6AWG). With additional built-in washer protecting against Spade/Wire travelling those Posts are  eligible for pretty tight contact. So the way you prefer your Loudspeakers to be connected is entirely up to you...

Fitted in solid, Recess Plate quite close to the floor, so you don't have to worry of overhanging Cables behind the Loudspeakers. Recess Plates are made from metal - instead of cheap plastic substitute you can easily find elsewhere. As we said before - we force ourselves to stay away from any compromise seen elsewhere, as much as it is possible. Quality matters. Doesn't mater that we talking about Loudspeakers at affordable price, as they are...

Hand made in UK.

Apart from some CNC prefabrication for precision "cut to shape", Bass Reflex and Driver's holes plus their rebates, everything else beginning from initial box assembly is handcrafted.

This gives great guarantee that any part of production is made to highest standard and highly controlled on every stage of manufacturing process.

As the result every pair of the Loudspeaker are nicely finish and meets out customers criteria.


Getting right amplification for the Loudspeakers was always very important. And to be honest today is more difficult than ever.

We are realise that. We know. We've been listen lot's of them. And we decide to get all positive aspects in one place, avoid negative ones away, and create the Loudspeakers that easy to drive you just can imagine. Easy Impedance of minimum 8 Ω and high efficiency. Dos your Amplifier have only few Watts in offer? Not the problem. Not at all...

And if you looking for decent Amplifier with best value check Audio Nirvana Amplifiers. Different ones for different taste - 300B, EL34, EL84 or D class Amps. Each one will be astonishing match with our Loudspeakers - as they created by our Drivers maker! Also amplification based on other Tube Valves (e.g. 6S33S I just love) can be successfully used here.

Loudspeakers Specification:
Model: AAC250
Enclosure type: Big Port Bass Reflex
Driver size: 10" (250mm)
Power Handling: 30W (RMS), 50W (Peak)
Impedance: 8Ω
Frequency Response: 38Hz-20kHz

Dimensions: 1050x300x340 mm (HxWxD)
Weight: 26kg (each Loudspeaker)

Package including:
• Pair of Loudspeakers
• Floor spikes with protective washers
• Instruction manual
• Warranty