High efficiency full-range loudspeakers. Created to make unique connection between your beloved music, and you.

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About us.


AudioAddicted Ltd may be a small and newly established company – but we have a big aim creating Loudspeakers with the best possible sound and at an affordable price.


My first loudspeakers I’ve done about 25 years ago, and made some single pairs from time to time as a hobby. Tasks like selecting right Drivers, manage appropriate components, and finally all craftwork seems to go quite easy for me. I've realised the most of knowledge needed to make a decent pair just been with my at all time.


Our guiding principle is that Loudspeaker Crossovers in use today are just too complicated and usually result in compromised sound quality. We decided, therefore, to avoid them altogether and instead, rely on an excellent Full-range driver to complement our design. As a result, our Loudspeakers have absolutely no frequency splitting and will provide a more realistic and precise soundstage and imaging than you will have heard hitherto and with greater clarity and detail. They will accurately reflect source material and amplification quality. Instruments, vocals and other sounds are placed precisely and stably in the listening zone…


We based our Loudspeaker design around a well regarded Full-range, high efficiency Driver capable of being controlled by even the most exotic Tube Valve Amplifiers - including those with low power output: 3W per channel or less...

Our mission in few words.


Our mission to simply deliver the best possible quality of sound reproduction and craftwork without breaking the bank.


So, with the above constantly in mind, we decided as far as possible to avoid any compromises that might be seen in Loudspeakers elsewhere. This decision has resulted in a high quality design that reflects dedication and skill throughout the whole manufacturing process - all the way from the first sketches to the final tests and end-product.


As the result the high quality is kept through whole building process - from the first sketch and plans, all the way to final tests.


And all at a price point where more established manufacturers will be using the cheapest Drivers, Crossover components and Vinyl surfaced Cabinets. Our rigid Cabinets use natural Wood Veneers even internally!


Highest standard.


On every stage...
...From assembly to final touch.




Not only the sound is important
for us.

Yes, the Drivers chosen by us are matched, however we also concentrating on overall quality, that is enforced in every detail. This also applies to the cabinet interior - unseen in everyday use, but still very important for us.

That is why every single pair of our Loudspeakers is subjected to rigorous tests before is offered in sale.

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Our Loudspeakers


We are here for you.

We are specializing in making your listening experience richest than ever.

That's why we choose David Dicks's Audio Nirvana 10" Classic Ferrite Drivers (CommonSense Audio) to make this happen, and concentrated in direct sale to make it as much easy as possible. Choosing this way we are much more able to create your full satisfaction.

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